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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [I’m Your Friend]
True friends go along like peas in a pod
Standing strong together against all odds
A real friend is always alive like heartbeats
Reassuring, even at the sound of defeat
A good friend would not slip away like an eel
Never leave you alone behind the wheel
A trustworthy friend is as safe as the house
Sure, he won’t give you away to sucking louse

A loving friend has you in thoughts as food is to life
Like a faithful husband missing his wife
A funny friend is as cool as cucumber
Brightening up your dull nights with stars
A sweet friend is like dewdrops on a rose
What is sweeter than a kiss before your foes?

Hey Mademoiselle, I’m true. I’m your friend
My noblewoman, hold me as your friend
It’s fun loving you. Smile at me, your friend
The love I offer has no end! I’m your friend!

Written by: Oluwabamiyo G. Fatilewa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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