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Dance of terror on the pinion of war
To the rhythm of doom
Here I live or die
No defence against the claws of the tyrant
City of commerce turns city of woe
In the regime our foe

They came upon us with a storm
Thunder-bolts and artillery lightning
The guns of my brothers will never taste dust in vain
Brethren I’ve buried, many – their blood on my hands
But our will is stronger
Than the heavy arm-power of our enemy
Government of death
The definition of emasculation
They came upon us with thunder-bolt of bombs
And Eagle-like dragons of the air
In the name of Allah we’ll destroy them

I’m in Aleppo
The city of woe, bloody battlefield
I’m in Aleppo
The arena our foe wished to conquer
I’m in Aleppo
Where my brethren communed together
I’m in Aleppo
Where two brothers died side by side

Here, we’ll always sing in the requiem of the fallen
In the spectrum of the glorious revolution
Down to the Terrorist government!

I’m in Aleppo
Near the citadel on fire
Close to Salaheddine of bullets
Die-hard revolutionary youths
Marching on, kicking buckets of battle
Still marching… O! Triumphant march my brethren

I’m in Aleppo
I’ve seen the horror of despotism
I pledge, if change must take my life
Then it will be worth it, even if be in the field of blood
This night may be worship unto death
For soon, we’ll celebrate on the enemy’s warships

I’m still in Aleppo…

Written by: Samuel Leumas
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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  1. toocr8ive – Covenant Chimnonso [nonsopoet] is a writer, critic and social person. I am a very devout student of poetry and I grow in it everyday! I love educating people to the best of my ability. I love getting you informed and entertained. I love you. I love garri and groundnut too *winks* My dream, my thought, my goal, my words. Its all about the MIND! - Nonso.
    nonsothoughts says:

    Beautiful write.
    Well spit lines. Beautiful imageries of blood and sand of murder.

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