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I am just a travelling soul
I ramble from here to there
Life keeps me moving on
To find my true love fare

I travel from soul to soul
I see some souls I fear
Their souls are hot like hell
But their souls I must bear

I am a just rambler
I walk from gate to gate
Searching for my true love
Before hell retaliates

Here I ramble to see life pass,
There I ramble to see man fight!
Here I here I ramble, to find my one
There I ramble into the night

If without brain what scull can say?
Would the devil have his day?
Would I forever be a rambler
Without finding love on the way

Here is me, always the rambler
Never stepping to the side
Rambling down the withered path
With empty heart inside

Written by: Glory Adore
Edited by: Rik Bertrand

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