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Read Time:1 Minute, 15 Second [I Will Be There]
On that twinkle second
When the fatherly husband
Of all sin-less souls
Shall call His brides home
With the whistle of rapture,
O I’ll be there!

I’ll be there
In the crowd of them
Singing the song of victory
From the hymns of their hearts
Oh glory! Oh glory!!
I make Home at last

I’ll be there to see,
The crystal stream
That flows by His throne
And the celestial voices
That say Him, Holy!!!
In the realm of glee

I’ll be there to walk
Upon the golden roads
With the silver soles
Of my diamond shoes
Master will reward me
The laurels of joy

I’ll be there oh! I’ll be there!
In the city where I’ll sight
No more my pains. There,
No apple to ruin my bones
No satanic refuse, to litter
The floor of my heart

I’ll be there to see
My brothers and sisters
Who conquer the serpent
With His blood not stones
Them too we embrace me
Oh! James, you make heaven!

I’ll be there to embrace
Fellow pen warriors
Who fight for truth
Justice and holiness
With the sword of words
In this forest of corruption

Not men virginal mire!
I mean that holy shore,
Of the son of God
You and I will be there,
If we can fight to escape
The world and her charming lust

Written by: James T. Abel Adesitimi