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Read Time:46 Second [Icons Of Disdain]
They were beggars
Canvassing for votes
Just like alms
Soliciting for our approval
To get them there
Into their presumed promised land
They promised everything
They promised to serve us.
We voted them in
We even paid them salaries
Now we are their slaves
At the suffering ends
The saviours of the people
Have now become office loafers
In attires of labour
Patriots in the descending order
In an atmosphere
Filled with acute heat
Worthy of a bakery
We conjure to learn
Listening to faint voices
From the wilderness,
Broadcasting the gospel of academics
To tiring eardrums
They’re trying to kill the future
Frustrating the corporate will of their followers
Who had voted them in
They are barons of incompetence
Who are there not to serve us
But to enrich their purses.


Written by: Ifedayo Ogunyemi