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Read Time:1 Minute, 1 Second [I Wish]
She is all i think about at night
Till I fall off dreaming I was her knight
I wake everyday to the plight
Having to do away with my thoughts
As the dawn and dusk began casting lots

So many wishes I have for us
I am afraid to be too anxious
But dear time is so precious
O’ Lord how do I make her understand
When on her friendship oath she stand

My heart can’t stop beating for you
My mind won’t stop running after you
My world just keep turning around you
I wish you knew I can do anything
My heart is yours to forever rent

I don’t want you to prove anything to me
Please don’t change anything about thee
I can even change to meet thy need
I believe firmly in you’re personality
Let’s take advantage of this possibility

Even if you have a man I don’t care
I just want us to share this feeling so rare
Our hearts locked in the same jar
I promise to love you till forever
Always protecting you like a book cover

Written by: Charles Bernard Aghadi