I WANT TO KISS YOU by Joshua Levites

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I want to kiss you
Your lips send endless invitation,
And I crave the sweetness therein,
For It is like the honey that flows from the vineyards of timnah.

I want to kiss you.
I desire to wipe every gloss on your lip with the gusto of my tongue.
The parting of your lips is like the road between the red Sea,
And I want to walk in there. I wouldn’t mind if I still manage to drown.

I want to kiss you
With my hands holding your symmetric hips,
Teeth smashing teeth,
Tongue greeting tongue,
And our lips embracing each other in no particular rhythm.

I want to kiss you
The softness of your lips reminds me of your heart – how soft and kindhearted you are.
The whiteness of your teeth reminds me the purity of your love.
But the whole of you is the definition of my cravings.

I want to kiss you,
But that is not all I want.
I want all of you.

I WANT TO KISS YOU by Joshua Levites

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