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When the faces of men are crinkled and old
‘Cos of the wickedness within their soul
Lord, let my heart jig with joy
And find confidence in you.

When I’m in troubled waters
And I lack wisdom like a foolish ram
Lord, let the entrance of your word
Give me insight.

When the moon hides its radiance from me,
And the sun frowns steadily at me;
Lord, let the brightness of your garment,
Be my light.

When the earth; my source and sphere,
Has become fierce and unbearable;
Father, engrave me in your palms,
And get rid of my plight.

When friends, family and loved ones,
Have become aliens from a strange world;
Father, let your undying love
Encompass me about.

When my spirit-man contends with my flesh,
Driving away my inward poise;
Lord, grant me your peace,
Which surpasses all understanding.

Lord! Direct my path.

Written by: Florence John
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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