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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [I Know The gods]
I know a god
That takes delight
In sucking blood
Of young and old
I know him
Who dominates
Over Iron and strikes with blow

I know a god
That thinks not
Before it lights its torch
Or strike innocent souls
Dead with its lightning
I know him, yes I do
He that kills with thunder
When he rejoices in anger

I also know a god
That dominates over
Wailing waters
Which tastes sweet and bitter
Of victorious-victims blood

I know a barefooted god
That dwells at the
3 junctions down the road
Do you know him?
He who waters its shrine
With harmless beings’ blood

I know them all
Those gods that sleep
When the masses are awake
And waketh when the cloud is dark

You know them?
Those gods whose sight sees not
And their ears
Are inaudible to the audibles

I know those gods
That’s dance to dirge with glee

Who are the gods ?
Do you know them?
You should know

The gods that cower in front God

Written by: Odunola Don Kolawolu

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