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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [I Kissed A Snake]
he came to the brothel
Wearing her skin,
Her eyes sparkling
Twinkling like the stars,
Her lips – glossy
Pleasantly glossy,
Nose pointed
Very pointed,
Her hair
Was as long as a bridal robe,
She was coloured red,
Tinted white
From head to toe.

She passed by me
And winked;
Those catlike balls
Rolled and rolled
In their sockets
Magneting every masculine eye
As much as it repelled
All gaze of sex mates
I acted fast
Less I be robbed,
thiscarding fear and shyness
I sat by her
And ordered for drinks -two

The name?
She answered
With voice most splendid-
It fell like the songs
Of a thousand birds
On my excited ears,
“I’m Eyin”
I managed to reply

We spoke and laugh
Like old time friends,
Glass clashes glass
Like old drunk mates,
Time passed,
Time passed
In our badly lit corner

At last,
Her eyes rolled in-
In and out;
The white was as blue as the sky
It did the best
To cover me with blue
Till I was left
Engulfed in lust

I couldn’t hold it
How could I
Even though I tried
It was all but fruitful,
I pressed my lips
Against her own
And it took forever there!

My blood froze,
My veins stiffened,
My hair stood,
And of course
My eyes widened
As though they would pluck out

When I managed to look up,
Her eyes were red-
Eyes meeting eyes
My body was sent to hell,
The burning flames of hell!

Lips releasing lips,
She dropped and fell
I eaved – relieved,
But when I looked down,
Coils round my feet:
Then it dawned on me
That I’d kissed a snake!

Written by: Ekundayo Moyo

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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