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I heard, it is called Aids but it’s doesn’t help
I heard, it is the assistant of death

I heard, it has no cure
I heard, it controls the life of the uncultured

I heard . . .
It rules forever with an incessant tenure
It sneaks through the pore of condom

I heard…
It shoots down the immune system like a magnum
It jumps around through unsterilized needles and blades

HIV is just like swarms of bees’ hive
Its shits is sweet but stinks

HIV is like a ladder
If you reach the apex, you receive the prize – death

Shall we not tie and bolt our trousers
Now that Aids is around the place?
Shall we not low and bow our gaze
Now that seducers are up and down?

Shall we not …

Written by: Usman Abiola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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