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Read Time:49 Second [I Have Seen Mercy]
I have seen mercy
one that heals
so much and so free
anoda still there is
a mercy that kills

i have seen love
so tender and darling
like gone noughts, so daring
have seen another side
a love that hurts

trust, hope so bright
fades and is lost before night
but hey, we are all human
stark ‘sureless’ mortals
trust that dethrones

I have seen them!
Watch out brethren
they set your boat sailing
on a mirage floating
i mean they set you smiling

not all fishes in the river
are worthy to be your dinner
not all rivers that bubble
are deserving of your paddle
I have seen them; many!

I’m searching
they said its not earthy
the perfect and healthy
its somewhere that’s certain
look up, beyond earth curtain

A promise of eternal ‘sucre’!!!


Written by: Ceasar Frank
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson