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I can’t stay:
Suspicions, too heavy,
Spur me into regret.
Dreams no longer realizable,
Kill my ambitions in heart.

You see through me,
Never had much time for me.
I needed it. You knew it.
You needed it. I knew it.

But where are the adhesives
To join heads in reasoning?

I can’t stay,
For the days are short,
The moon has gone,
Darkness has come with
Slaps of sorrow,
Tears and Mistrust.

Your convictions are right,
But my future is bright,
Mine seems to you as pretension,
Or maybe it had the look of Lucifer.

I have Jacob’s sunrise,
And no fruitless labor,
Envious, you had harbor,
But I needed to tell of tomorrow

Do not get amiss with me
Because I just can’t stay!

Written by: Paul Ndukwo

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