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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [I Am Tired Of Poetry]
My pen refuses to stop
I get so twisted and I am laid bare;
of all the themes I wear
of all the ideas I share
My poetic wit disobeys my orders
Poetry stop please, you are killing me

I am in a state of poignancy
I pity myself
I loathe my gift
Poetry is evil
But Plato disagrees
He claims ‘the poet’s job is to bear witness’
And I witness that ‘witnessing’ is tough

I am tired of poetry
It is to me belligerent
It sneers at my energy
Who will save me from myself?
I am baffled by its effect on me
All I want is more poetry
Reading one leads to the next

I am disturbed by the comfort others find
I write and someone calls me ‘sweet’
I am told I inspire
I am told I am ‘set to be’ Shakespeare’

Words, words fill my mind
My pen is always on its duty
Traversing the lonely pages of my books
I am blind and can’t see my soul is dying
I milk it daily
I beg for complete surrender

The Bible and Quran all poetic
All God’s prophets were poets
Please, please, I am no prophet
I receive no divine light

Poetry please release my mind
Experiences please block any inspiration
I am tired of poetry
For its disease I get no cure
Poetry let’s me perceive
Your words, let me not receive
For I’ve always believed
Without you I can’t live

I am called mystical, satirical, romantic…
I am none of this,
I deserve not even the name “poet”
I am ashamed of my writing
I am ashamed of you poetry

I encipher diatribes into your mailbox
Hoping that you’ll desert me
Because I promise if you remain
I’ll strip you naked
I’ll expose all your forms
And you will suffer from my pen’s wrath
I’ll decapitate you completely

Poetry is fire, a fire that burns me
In light or night it opens my sight
I am tired that I can’t even sleep
I seek no apologies or reconciliation
For poetry to me is ‘me’

Written by: Eddy Ongili
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson