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I forsee a Nigeria
With solar powered, long lasting street lamps
Blaring light upon the dark dank road that leads to Makoko.

I for see a Nay-shun
Where human rights are not trampled upon by protectors of human rights,
Where students are not threatened by endless strikes
Where Ikenna is not afraid of serving his Fatherland in the peaceful land of Bornu

I can see a future
Where EFCC and ICPC would be unnecessary,
When there would be no need for the police,
When we can move money without bullion patrol vans
A future so bright
That it blinds our windows
A future that reflects with light so bright that we would need windshields to view it.

I look forward to the Nigeria of my dreams
When all this nightmare would end;
Where Adamu and Okeke would shake hands in public view and with wholed hearts
Where extremism would be a thing of the past
A thing of a past that is past!

I dey see things; good things
I dey see school without exam,
North without violence,
World cup back to back
Country without corruption.

I see a Country
Where fire would be used for cooking food, not for roasting humans
Where knives would be used only for cutting up animals and not humans
Where constant electricity would be a normal thing
Where pipe borne water would be a regular thing

I see a a future
Ffree of Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis and their likes
Free of fuel scarcity
Furled around love and not around religious belief
A future of our dreams!

But, wishes are mere horses
And Nigerians prefer Ferrari
So, we probably wouldn’t ride…

Covenanted Nonsopoet Chimnonso