HOW TO ESCAPE THE FIRE by Aire Joshua Omotayo

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hold your waist in the middle of the wind,
gulp the breeze till it reaches the brim
then wait and say your name to the face of the debris,
let your eyes be filled with rage; then run!

write yourself a dirge
and let your feet stick into a broken poetry,
let the rhythm sway you amidst the broken lines
then watch as tears trek down bitter faces; then run!

fill your eyes with burning rivers,
trap a rainbow around their edges
then watch as the rains falls bitterly on you,
break the rainbow and fight back with the flood in your eyes; then run!

when the moon is lost,
hold your shadow from dancing into the night’s pouch
then seek the stars and fetch a cup of light,
drink to your fill and stare at the sun’s rays; then run!

run! run!! run!!!
like insomnia escapes into the spaces of dreamland
when whipped by boring lullabies…
…like an antelope sprinting on a river track
When it smells the hunter’s headlights
run! run!! run!!!
and this is how to escape the fire

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