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My eyes shuddered
and my heart bled
from patched holes of dismay.
For destinies were slain
upon the altar of hate
Where innocence was a sin!

Upon this salvage crest
I watch the executioner
in blunt rays of madness
his dreadful eyes guiding
busy hands
to demolish.

See! He matches about
inspiring fear, ripping petals from stalks.
Death he dishes out.
Upon tearful sands
He is thirsty for more ‘water’
To quench his taste.

Yet, I perched
on my crest
If a gust of wind blows
shall I not be buffeted
to the Executioner?

Our liberation gowns
Hang before sunken eyes
Now is the time,
For the dawn tarries.
Away, the night succumbs.

The Executioner is lost
in daylight
All shall see the hands
that desecrated our hearts.
We shall serve our judgement
On the altar of Justice and Redemption!

*Inspired by ‘Act Of War’ by Bagudu Abubakar

Written by: Showunmi Olawale Michael
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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