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He loved her deeply
She knew it
but she pretended.
Being a princess
he must do great things to win her heart
heart she had inwardly given him
So she pretended.

A lion’s head is what she needed
she told him
and he loved her so much
so her wish was his command.
He must be brave
He must be strong
if he wished to marry a princess.

But a lion’s head?
That is not a child’s play.
She wept when he entered the threatening forest
But she pretended.
She thought she will never see him again
But few days later he was back
The lion’s head in his hand, with smiles;

Smiles of sorrow
Sorrow of death
Death of true love.
The lion’s claws had gotten him deep
Very deep that he couldn’t survive
But the power of love had granted him
The mercy to see her, just once more before he fell.

Her heart was filled with joy at the sight of him.
But she pretended.
His last wish was finally fulfilled – he saw her;
She, woman of his dreams, woman after his heart.
But now he must fall, never to rise again.
He must fall a sad man
Because he thought she never loved him.

But there was no more sunlight without him.
Her days were forever filled with sadness and regrets
She wished she could turned back the hands of time
But she couldn’t!

Written by: Abel Iseyen Ancientman
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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