Read Time:46 Second [Helpless Voice]
With hope I opened my mouth
My mind never came about a doubt
I am surrounded by many
Yet in my reality I am lonely

The unheralded is now common
Always seeking the fall of the less
Atrocities have become our companion
And evils compete for greatness

In grave pain my lips thaw
No voice to unite it with hope
Even when a multitude is here
Peering at me and my helpless voice

Now I can hear hopelessness
Fondling with my ears
Agony nodding to my face
I can only hear myself
My helpless voice

It vanished unanswered
Dismaying the wind
Who carried it gently to the hearing of all
And the deserted mansion who echoed it
Even the green leaves were disappointed
But waved at me with hope

Written by: Amatanweze Tochukwu Offorbuike
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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