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Read Time:1 Minute, 26 Second [Guillotine Lips]
You riddled me with mouth bullets
This is more fatal than a back stab!
At your approach, my stomach is restless
Your poisoned breath leaves me breathless

You make me more famous than an eclipse,
Blackening my light with your cold dark world

A black mamba you are,
I am only your prey, a koala
You ferocious panther

You’ve made me bleed, must you salt it?
Must your arrival reopen my unhealed wound?

I like the part of my skin you never touched
Where your acid never spilled
Where your eyes never pierced,
I like them

When you find them, what will you do?

Would you want to sink in your fangs
Would you desire to blacken it
Make it dryer than the sun scorched Sahara
Blistered by your raging fire

Before you arrive to say anything
I will walk around with my pants down
Let all look on my shame
And compare my secrets with your lies
For it is more beautiful than that lip’s canvas

Your Lips paints my worst, most unsightly,
It’s oozy saliva paint, its grotesque shapes, it lurid finishes,

Sometimes I wonder what you do at leisure
Do you have a dairy with my name engraved on the back
Do you brain storm stinging words just for me
And daily record how much damage you have done

Now, I look at myself and I smile
Your constant batter gave me calluses
My skin is now carbon fibre
Tougher than steel

You are your kind’s elite
Now that you are done
No man can hurt me again!

Written by: Prime Chikweru
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson