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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [GONE LIKE YESTERDAY]
I missed the times spent looking at sunsets
Your peaceful look I can’t forget…
We stood side by side and glanced away
The wind a rhythm to our sway
You looked at me and promised forever
You said you won’t leave, never

You held my hands and we took a walk
Everything then was as calm as dusk
My previous hurts I pushed aside
Knowing a better today was mine to decide
I took the risk and trusted you
But not all you said were true

When time came for you to be close
The hurtful option you chose
I was left alone, hurt and cold
My breath, my zeal, my strength you put on hold
Didn’t you hear me calling your name?
What happened to our friendship’s flame?

You shattered me inside out
The pain so bold I couldn’t even shout
My hand trembles to hold you again
My eyes filled with unmasked pain
What is life if you are not there
To hell with the others, I don’t even care!

I still think of you and smile
I agree, the encounters were worth the while
I walked the way and took a turn
I pray your path is filled with fun
One day we would stumble and see
Then you’re gonna explain why you left me

I cried myself to sleep last night
But I would no longer wallow in that plight
I bade farewell to the unpleasant memories
No one would hear of the sardonic stories
You are gone like yesterday
Now comes another new day

Written by: Peter Jokoh

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