GIVING PEACE A CHANCE by Goodness Ayoola

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Over the bony oases rises a sorrowful song
Like dark fumes in a broad day
Whistling sonorously at random
In the hamlet clutched in the fist of wars.

The feud has been long
Hearts feared dead in dismay
This land is peace-robbed and a fiefdom
To the dreams of bloodshed in bellicose claws.

Lives are tossed like draws in raffles
A fierce gloomy splash glows intensely
And morbidity daily swells in hikes
Drought has claimed the water and the bread.

The young child crying cleaning the rifles
Saw his mother killed and maimed brutally
The sword clasped in clashes and strikes
And there rolled, in a swift cut, his teary head.

Head, body, arms separated by fury
Cries, lamentation…separation springs
Fire, running, shouts and gun shots…
The untamed beast mumbled deadly prayers
And then the EXPLOSION!

Shadows of death…eerie
Valley of dead bodies in disconnected rings
The vultures battle on carcass spots
Mixed in sand dust and blood layers
The stench laden with offensive tension…
The women are pregnant again
The due conceived has delivered a male

Growth nurtured in an enmity rage
Burning, burning with vengeance.
Taste of blood and fights in train
Hearts poisoned with the feud tale
Fueled avalanche of venom on rampage
Riding high on the wings of a ruthless ambience.

Then silence…blood and desolation
The mothers watched with a ghastly suspense
The ruins wielded at the edge of arsenals
As their feeble future faded into bloody pools.

Mothers cry over the dung of destruction
And men has lost the wisdom in life essence
Bloodshed is the ink of our proud annals
And our wars are the wails of fools.

Would our wars never end?
When would peace stretch a handy lend?

Shall we give peace a chance?
And for once dance…

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