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Give me your hand and I’ll clasp it in mine,
Give me your lips and I’ll drown it in mine,
Give me your heart and I won’t break it,
Give me your love and I will cherish it.

Give me the warmth of your ebony physique,
Give it to me, ‘tis all I seek.
Give me that smile that drives me crazy
O, give me your time, my fair lady.

But how long will my requests hang in the air,
How long will I wait until these you share?
Is it when my young head has turned grey
Or when from you beauty has gone away?

Let us drink of our love now we are young
Before it gets sour; with bodies not strong;
Let our love be seen like the rounded-star
Or else, ‘strangers’ the world will say we are.

Tell me, my lady, why do you shun my love
Since you know it is you I place above,
Above all others my adventurous eyes have seen:
Blondes, brunettes, mature, and teen.

If it is your will to test my patience,
‘He has passed’ should say your conscience,
For like a true gentleman I have waited
But you have left me sad and scathed.

Nevertheless, for my love is true, I still say:
Give me your love, and your heart today,
Let us drink of our love, now that we’re young
It will be more pleasant than a soulful song.

Written by: Jude Uchella
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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