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The police officer you see asleep on duty
Dozes not because he is weak or tired
It only depicts a weak and a tired system
Shall we have to borrow brains?

When shall we place the nation’s interest over politricks
How long shall we continue to be selfish?
How long shall we continue to sleep?
Shall we not format our brains?

If we grant militants and terrorists amnesty
Grant ‘executhieves’ pardon
What shall we give to their victims?
Will another group not arise tomorrow?
Shall we give them all security contracts?

Did we not claim to be the GIANT of Africa?
Do we not claim to have the largest army?
Do we no run to quell other nations’ insecurity?
Why can’t we curtail our own insurgencies?

If as they say western education is evil
Why should we take them abroad for training
For their evil deeds, we will pay them wages
Yet, we the victims are in perpetual penury

Let’s remove our brains from under our shoe soles
And wear them back into our skulls

Written by: Albert Seraphin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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