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GATAN AREWA by Ken Mamman

Read Time:48 Second

Taka a hankali
Most beautiful
Yarinya yar north-side
Sarautar ki is not what we see everyday

Yours is in the zuciya
They see you but can’t look at you
Your beauty brightens the day
Of those that like tagumi
It shines so brightly that
Even the sun cannot contest

The moon is so jealous
Of your calmness
Because is so sweet and gentle
That even a thief hears it not
When it approaches

I see an embodiment of that
Which I call beauty
But say you are Arewa‘s sweety
Some say is decency
But all u said was
It is you just the way Arewa is
Gidan beauty from the inside to the outside

Taka a hankali – step gently
Yarinya yar north side – girl from the north
Sarautar ki – your royalty is
Zuciya – heart
Tagumi – worry
Gidan – House
Gatan Arewa – pride of the North
Arewa – North

GATAN AREWA by Ken Mamman