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In the joy of trials
Is where they dine endlessly
In the fun of tribulation
Is where their eagles take over the sky

There is unrest in the city
The bloodshed is too much
The killings… our darkest hour
Their happiness is beyond wonder

Homelessness of the poor is not their concern
As long there is a better tomorrow for their foetus
While they merry with their likes
Is there any hope for the commoner?

The land of war
Where the standing seat
The land of horror
Where the mighty lose their strength

Machete has turned the mouth to a gap-tooth
Are there any gods who care?
The vermin invasion of our soul
Is not their concern at all

Even the spirits runs back to the forest
In fear of gun powder
Breaths cease to flow
At the sight of red water

The innocent blood on the street
The gun shot from afar
Will one day turn around to them
Nature will change us all

How can we live in peace and harmony
When the life of our youth is a casino bet
The mental slave of those killers
And the stupidity of those at the top?

The river flow is no more
Will there be a new lease of life
When the bird of hatred, misery and death
Has built for herself a beautiful nest?

Vampires in human form
Have killed the child of hope and dreams
Tell the foolish man to stop
The occurrence is nothing to them

They harm and hurt the land of greatness
That our ancestors built with their lives
Our lives are no more ours, but theirs
The vengeance must be set!

The rain will soon cease
The twilight will soon go dim
The night will one day fade
And the truth will prevail

Wealth will disappear
Their name will be a thing of the past
My pen will fight for this
And my book will defend my people

Let’s oppress the oppressor
For the soul to rise again
Pick all your pen and papers
For they’re mightier than swords and guns


Written by: Olusegun Governor Lawal
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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