FREEDOM by Stanley Egeonu

FREEDOM by Stanley Egeonu
FREEDOM by Stanley Egeonu
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Oh little singing bird in chain
So cute in black but heart in pain
Your tears forms a flowing Nile
And your tone a melodious rhyme

I’d love to tour with your wings
Above heaven like the angel wings
Lift the shores deep your heart
With the tiny spark of my light

When the skies burst loose to soil
And afternoon sun dazzles on
I cease to crash your meek heart
For my heart rest your warmth

Cry to the woods no more I say
Go wipe the tears and peck a rose
I give you freedom like the goose
Sour high and make your race slay

In due time let the kids off the nest
Freedom is sweet as love wet
Full of passion like works of art
Freedom is life on planet earth

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