Read Time:2 Minute, 35 Second [Fragments]
I saw your words As a graceful serpent
Gliding through the screen of my wayward phone
Dancing before my eyes
You; A weaver of lines as I

The smiles and enchanting laughter made you buzz
I wove comely webs
Dark, deep, dreams you never dared to dream.
You were my fly

Touching your core
Soothing ripe boils of fantasy
I was a mirror through which you saw yourself
You knew and fell…

Fell through, like sweating pores through the skin
Where memories resides in glorious ruins
Remnants of my feelings designed a preference for you
Your words, you made, the perfect tool

My heart was made the altar of sacrifice
Sincerity in all came on the rise
I wished i could devise a means, make you realize
You’ve become the apple of my own eyes

Through nights, endless thoughts roam
Along the streets of my thoughts
I was beginning to feel nearer to home
Feelings of comfort crept in with trust

Into Cupid’s abyss Your head
Brushing hard jagged rocks of hope
I warned
I’m a scorpion whose sting knows no friend or foe
But your heart shared a grin with your soul

The voice was like a mermaid’s call
Your ears as the victim soul
I was your cocaine

But time taught you wisdom early
You stuffed your eggs in bitter baskets
Crushed hope of gazing into my eyes
My time
Golden,you had no strength to mine

Like straws straying outwards into the sky
I made for myself a pot of chagrin
Mortified my soul to feed from the pie
Made with fragments of broken dreams

I went to the cave where feelings are fried
And sold my heart, at a cheap price
In bitter thoughts of how much i tried
The pain the day i tossed the dice

In high hopes, girded with faith
i prayed to enter the gates
Of paradise, where flowers were adorned
With pearls of love, a crystal dawn

I tied you to my waist
Like Delilah I cut locks of your melting heart
Leaving you weak, Easy prey for pain

Your eyes desired to gaze
Arms to embrace
But like grumbling Jews I led you forty years around leaking promise
Like mist, they cleared before your eyes

Your wrath
a wild storm
And I cowered

But Time taught you early
You grew wise I grew lonely
Clutching the fragments of a friendship
our hearts vowed would last till eternity grew old

And though my heart was broken to Fragments
Littered along the subway of fading dreams
I had learned my lesson
Bled to near death, and then, a gracious rebirth

I began to read between the lines
Seeds were falling in pleasant places
My senses became acute, keen to design
My future, around the beauty of my ashes

Blueprints were earmarked
Broken fragments coming together
fitting perfectly
Like pieces of scrabble, played in our hearts
With swaying doors of friendship
Leading to gardens of eternity

Written by: Danny El & Melody Thaila Kuku

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