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Read Time:52 Second [Fragile Words]
In the height of my fervor
In the intoxication of my emotions
At that moment when my heart is in control
When my brain is soaked in chemicals
And my blood flows with concentrated hormones
I said those words

Now that I arise from my stupor
And awaken from my drunkeness
Now that my eyes’ redness blur
And my feet’s strength return
When my senses nudge me
Then I remembered
I said those words

I had created a vast ocean
One once filled with fishes and corals
Now red with lethal Dinoflagellates
All in her after
I said those words

My mind sings my desire
If I could turn the clock’s hands
Then I saw the vision
Displayed on refined diamond
With a background theme ‘broken calabash’
I said those words

They are eggs
Angry or Happy
Only the ground state is stable
Broken glass pieces
I wish I hadn’t but
I said those words

Written by: Nathaniel Olaniyan