FOR YOU, TASMANIA by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

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(For the extinct human group: Tasmania Aborigenes)

I heard the geckos sing – a fairy tale
As they traverse the walls of forgotten memories:
Love has forgotten you, O Tasmania
For you have outgrown nature
This was you, Tasmania:
Flower of the sun-rising – blossom inits youthful age
Little periwinkle wading through the Oceans turbulence
Virgin land rejoicing in an hopeful harvest
Bride awaiting her groom, Lily of the valley
Tasmania, you were that melodious song on the tongues of heaven
The flower in the shadowy garden
You were the music in our heart, the song on our lips
Your cities were happy bustling villages, your feild – the envy
Of nations
How you are forgotten, Tasmania
A withered stem you have being
A juvenile salmon swept to the shore by the ocean current
Sing me Tasmania – a fairy tale
Carried on the tongues of geckos
As they traverse these walls of forgotten memories
O eagrets that fly the eternity airways
These songs on your beaks are bitter
That there was once, a people: Tasmania
But I, have inscribed you on the plains of mine heart

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