FOR YEARS TO COME… by Kola Salami

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I sought to create an art
That’ll last for many years.
That just as wine grows better with age,
The art will in many years taste better
That it may not be fully drunk at one gulp.

The beginning of it all is to say,
It feels right to look in your eyes,
To peer into your soul
And hold your slender fingers in mine.
The butterflies in my stomach are rapidly producing
Their effects show no sign of reducing
My belly flutters,
My heart flutters,
And sometimes my mouth falters
But my soul is ever certain,
The one woman I long for.
It started on a cold harmattan night
It was the night I believed a word can change a life
The word that night was “hi”
And I’ve since then rejoiced on the pie
Of love that came to me.

Your hair is like a plantation of vegetables
Watered by Tara at night and morn,
It remains in colour and quality.
It leans towards the back gracefully
Like a pine tree swaying to a gentle breeze
Which has an undergrowth of green grass
Living as if in their best days.

I am a knight in the medieval times,
Your eyes are a quest to me,
They are intriguing and full of many words
They seem to say
“To solve us doesn’t prove you are worthy
To do so might mean you’re not,
Maybe we’re meant to remain unsolved
And it’s your lofty quest to abide thus.”
But I’m a knight, my honour is to solve quests
“Yes you’re a knight,
And every quest is different like every marriage,
O! Noble warrior, the accomplishment of this quest
May be to never know.
Behold! Mystery speaks,
Who hears her speak?
Who believes her words?”
I tell myself I am not sentimental
But when meeting you makes the morning
After my night laden with my questions
I know I shall discover something new in my heart.
I will forever be enthralled by your eyes.

Your voice is syrupy,
Sweet like mel from the first queen Bee .
Your smile glows in my face,
Like an angelic visitation, it is very bright
It fills me with awe and I never want it to end,
So I learned the art of romance and comedy
To always keep it there,
For your angelic visitation I want to receive daily.

Your neck sits gracefully between your shoulders
Rendering to your face -what do I call it?
The most appealing glamour i’ll ever see in my life.
You wear your collarbone like a necklace
It surrounds your neck like a jewellery made
from Egyptian Ivory.
My Lady! I lift her fingers
Bend my head, place a kiss on those heavenly wonders.
I hail the queen!
She slays for fun.
I hail my queen!
My tightened lips she’s undone.

Your legs rise up from the ground
Like a model of the Pyramid of Giza
It is magnificent, since I must use a word.
They join your torso which carry many wonders,
But most of them are described to my mind alone
Your navel is like a beautiful seashell I’ve seen nowhere
It’ll alone win an exhibition over many shells
Amongst the best in the world, it has no rival.
“Someone that’s fair
One that’ll be there”
This time I’ll be there,
I’m not fair but I’ll certainly care.

In my mind’s eye I’m a painter,
My hands are my painter’s brush
Taking of my heart and mind
And copying onto paper.
These words are the elements of my painting
This art is the image my brush painted
My “Mona Lisa”,
For it’s the beginning of my truest love.
For years to come, this art will be
For years to come, this ink won’t fade
Signed to “Princesse”
For many years to come.

FOR YEARS TO COME… by Kola Salami

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