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Read Time:52 Second [Father]

Your apples do taste nice !
But look: life is but a bad game of dice.
Some will get it all, others just a slice.
Some are glutted, others fight for rice.
Some are born lions, others only mice.
Some will live like gods, others like lice.
Some will receive nothing, others have it thrice.
Some glow with power, others freeze in their ice.
Some disdain bounties, others are forced to pay double price.
Some will rot in virtue, others thrive in vice.
There can be no brother
Under such a father!

Being created Adam’s second best,
I claim no quest,
No conquest.
But I witness
My children’s distress,
As Life’s mistress.

I have then made up my mind:
I shall be better and more kind
Than You.
While you are ensconced in Your Paradise,
I will get down to Earth, and entice
Your sons to equalize the dice.

Yours unfaithfully,

Written by: Brigitte Poirson