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Read Time:1 Minute, 20 Second [Exit Of The Iconic Ink]
I stood mute at the news of your demise
Beyond the oceans are my tears
Your voice spoke beyond continental boundaries
About the gang raping of our culture
Your embodiment was the persona of Okonkwo
Chinua, the literary prophet has gone,
Gone, but not without a message
The message of a certain country,
You heralded to us unequivocally
Gone to meet with the elegist; Okigbo
Your contemporary awaits the full detail of the ELERGY TO ALTO
And the beauty of the ancient mother, IDOTO

The man of truth has gone
A great pen has gone
A symbolic ink has travelled
The country man has gone
Your prophecy about the Arrow of God is fulfilled
You had said that; when the arrow of God strikes
Things will fall apart
A n d m a n y will n o l o n g e r be a t ease

Today, many citizens are like the anthills in the savannah
But we will keep on telling people about your tale
That there was a country whose fashion was injustice

I weep because we still dance the tune of independent slavery
We are still searching for the man
I mean, the man of the people
For decades we have been in wars
To salvage our democratic salvation
Today, even girls are at war
The ink has gone but your question is salient

N I G E R I A?!

Written by: WealthDickson Ominabo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson