EVENTIDE CAME by Samuel Leumas

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Evening came
Upon our mind,
with blooming panorama
Of spectra
On the wide cushion of sky. [vale is not apt here]
As we garnered like pile of pearls Around a golden cypress
Nigh the beach of angelic marigold.
The paramount paramour,
A Swain, with smile that tickles
the angels, sermoned graceful aura.
Admiration edified our hearts. As his words purr within us with thrills The pristine prism of his smile’s
Iridescent peculiarity arrested our hearts
With awe that enthralled our soul.
Pan-theistic breeze of every word (each word or
every word,not every words) That flow like blue-nile
from his hearty mouth Created a new paradise of poetmatic euphony.
He riddled our feelings with arrows of inspiration,
And poured pails of milk into our hearts.
I roamed back to the past
With wings of rumination As I remembered, how his
‘watering palm’ Brushed through my cheek, I wondered ‘this must be a god’.

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