ENIYAN (HUMANS) by Olusegun M. Lawal

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That flashes enamel they smile
Weeping from your mysteries taught
Telling their desires to come
And make a turn across the center

Are clothes which make the “Kembe” suits
Who upload the final fish in your soup
prepare the mats to sleep at night time
And let you know of a green land beforehand

Thinks whilst you sleep
Smiles while you cry
happy whilst you mourn
And pity from your rear

Open the street and near the success
unlock the sample that makes you strong
Bury the name of the game which want to be instructed
And kill your dream while the time comes

Positivise the negatives
Destroys the bitter taste
eat the most effective component that you have
And built the high-quality you would love

Eniyan is unpredictable
Their decisiveness never tells
whilst they wag the tongue
Lies the unsolved thriller

Homo lupus homini
Reason and act together
Breeds mutuality of give and take
Its sublimity as Imago-Del

ENIYAN (HUMANS) by Olusegun M. Lawal

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