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In this world where everybody appears as a friend
and those who surround you are enemies
veiled by laughter as they embark on ruinous coup.

Mouths you feed in agony with grains from your sweat
attempt to cut your humanitarian fingers
which provides them food not laboured for.

And Friends collapse image you built with bricks of hard work
sands of dedication and pebbles of faithfulness.
Who then do you trust?

Won’t trusts fade, when the kins
on whose starving stove you manage to put a pot
never stop to say you are ”irresponsible” ?

The knife you sharpen sees nobody to injure
except the hand that brightens its stars
do you still have to help that sinking dog
since it doesn’t stops barking at you ?

Actions are not fully rewarded by man
except you want to exchange ocean for a drop of water
But by God, a drop for an ocean

Your reward resides with the creator
Why then do you want to stop being good?
Where enemies fail to appreciate, your Lord compensates.

Written by: Yusuff Olayode Layus
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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