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Who are these emissaries of penury?

They are the corrupt masters of our economy
who sit with their heads abroad and anuses at home
They are greedy, egocentric, insatiable, cunning and subtle
sugar-coated tongues, hypnotic manifestoes
They hoodwink us into believing promises they never fulfil

They are our so-called political bulwarks against oppression
in kleptomaniac urge, spurred by inordinate ambitions
They fight tooth and nail to perpetuate themselves in power
They are the devil’s pawns disguised as angels sent to provide succour
and solace to the feeble-minded, indigent and disheartened

They are seemingly impeccable and infallible
Brothers who aid in impoverishing us even the more
They are our ignoble patriots who incite unsuspecting masses
to war against themselves in campaigns while their wards
are flown to places devoid of anarchy and commotion.

They are our brethren (somewhat impervious to criticism)
impeding the growth of our country, they sit the helm of affairs
and mount pulpits to declare promises and canvass for votes
They sit in airy offices, opulently clad in gorgeous
dresses with their corrugated protruding bellies

Oh God! When on earth would we be rid of
these emissaries of penury?.

Written by: Gedion Arinze
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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