EJIRE: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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Ejire Araisokun
The defense of our culture,
The back-bone of our nature.
Our mother is weary
But steadfast in your tenacity.

The gods are long dead,
Yes! They’ve been buried
With grudging bracelet hung on their neck
In the sepulchre of blindness,
Even their parched bones
Are of no use to the starving puppy
For it shrinks with crookedness.

Desolate we stand
To scrape the eclipse on sky facade,
But Tayelolu*;
Serenity is the bead
About your waist,
Shall you kindle the surface
Of our mountain
With your sacred rod of statute
Our land shall be transfigured.

Akehinde gba egbon
Omo oba Adegbite.
Tradition and culture
Makes your soul dance
To their rudiments,
If our culture is desecrated
With alienated resource,
You might never perceive
Those rudiments again.

What if you’re banished?
Our culture is the pedestal
Behind your survival.
I beseech you,do not leave us be
For we shall drown in starvation,
Pray the father, let our land be littered
With modern plantation.
For if you and Tayelolu shall co-operate,
Serenity and culture shall generate.

*Taiyelolu – white color on our flag which stands for peace
*Akehinde – green which stands for agriculture

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