Read Time:54 Second [Earth Song]
Each time the cloud cries
Beyond broken borders
Refusing mild back-consoles
And endless earthen apologies,

We pray in our closet-
Heal our land…

From imminent ruins
Besetting our being,
Trapping our continued existence
On seashells, and
Snoring at our pilgrimed progress,
Ready to cut short
Visions yet untold;

We pray in sudden silence,
Heal our land O’ lord…

When we in vain shield
‘Gainst stray arrows
Flying without caution
At our scalped shadows,
Sniffing the remnant life
Out of our living corpses;

We beg for war
At a time like this,
Cause we are damn tired
Of this noisy peace
Stealing our borrowed breath;

We pray in silence,
Heal our land…

From bowed bloodsheds
Reincarnating past glories,
Rewriting history ‘gainst
Our revamped walls
Loaded with agonies
Of the poor, the wretched
And the helpless;

We pray O’ lord,
Save us from this earthly hell
Betiding tomorrow’s hope
That never existed today;

Heal our land,
We pray O’ lord…


Written by: Iyeomoan Emmanuel Ehizogie

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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