Read Time:48 Second [Earth Is Roaming]
Not for a single minute
Is a river is resting!
Even in a small bottle
A snake keeps twisting!

Without a single leg
The wind is moving!
Without any support
The earth is roaming!

As soon as it is born
A calf is running!
From its own effort
A bird is flying!

Like a round bed lamp
The moon is blooming!
Until their last breath
Fishes keep swimming!

Baby monkey catches its
Mothers belly lightly!
A cat holds its kitten
In its teeth rightly!

From the bed of ocean
Gets up the sun!
From black and red soil
Plants grow green!

The moon is watching its
Face in the rivers!
In many moral stories
The foxes are clever!

For a longer migration
Animals are gathering!
But in the name of integration
Humanity is fighting!

Written by: Kannadasa Dasan
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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