DOT IN MY EYES by Joshua Levites

Read Time:52 Second

Look into my eyes.
Spot the dot of pain.
See the portion agony coloured dark
And the area Disappointments painted red.

Now, look deeper
Focus on the sad face of my heart
I hope can you see the marks impressed
By Cry’s deadly fingers?

See the land of my broken mind;
Barren. Void of fruits.
Can you see the hollowed area,
flooded by many tears?

I have been beaten, wounded
By brutal hands belonging to loving faces.
I have been cursed to death
By the lips that once proclaimed hope.
I was told I had no place
Amongst those who once lived in my heart.
Even kissed by Judases
Who dined with me, many years.

Don’t cry for me.
Pretend. Show me your pretty face
Concealing your dirty heart.
Say to me, many sweet words
Professing your genuinely false love.

Give me a deceptive smile.
At least it will glue my heart together
Until it is shattered to pieces, again
After you have made your own painful dot
In my every eyes.

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