DON’T MIND THEM by Uchenna Egbo

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And so I received a wave
while I was advancing for a shake;
So Akimbo I stood
with my head moving side by side
Away they walked
and in thoughts I was reserved.
They were adorned in glittering apparel,
but my outfit was in no means near a laurel.
My teeth so hard I bite;
with my wrist clenched in fist.

The rich versus the poor;
Those with less, craving for more.
Levels, classes and categories,
is all we see in our contemporaries.
I submit that we forget about category,
in a world made apparently temporary.

The creator did not contempt us,
but the created has made life inauspicious.
The siren steadied its bang,
so returned my thoughts which had been on hang;
not without fear though
but my heart was ready for a go.
“Why worry” ? was my heart’s question;
Aren’t you aware that time and chance happens to us all?
That a trendsetter leads the way in fashion?
That hard work takes you out of perpetual pitfall?

At this brief but important sophistication,
derived from my positive heart,
great joy was in me borne
and so my focus was made again alert.
And as Jabez offered a piece of prayer,
believing in the Lord his advocate,
so I make you my lawyer,
in this prayer court.
Via this prayer of faith and grace,
I transited into a smooth race;
and suddenly, the light of my heart was switched on,
as I watched the dark path abscond into oblivion.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel
and then I went through the right channel.
I saw them first;
but they saw me best.
My hand I raised to give them a wave,
in a rush they came to give me a shake.
My heart resolved to withhold not my smiles,
but their ego did not stop them from selling to me their kisses.

The same people who rejected your friendship will write your name on the sands of time. Never give up.

DON’T MIND THEM by Uchenna Egbo

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