DEMON’S FARE by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

Read Time:1 Minute, 57 Second

This demon on my mind is she
That gives me nights without sleep
And stands all my manhood errect
Comes to my dreams and taunt me endlessly
Puts smiles on my wife’s face as makes think for her I crave
I the bachelor it leaves my heart no room
That thoughts to lead remain in it
This demon on my mind is she

This demon that I see is she
A lolita that abaits the lecher
And I the righteous is helpless
How I lick my lips and brush my hair
As in lust my balooned eyes follow her trail
That I may admire the endowments ahind
My mouth ajar and my heart beats a thousand tons at the dangling of those ahind
I loose my steps and stagger in my walk
Embarrassed at the eyes I caught staring
Upon arrival from the deep blue sea
This demon that I see is she

This demon that I know is she
That keeps me late nights from home and causes deceptive lips
That redirects my priority and causes a heartbreak
Hatred flows towards once upon a time a lover
Sulking my wealths and investments
And, ah! An issue today tommorow’s will at stake
Oh, that disease not come after me
And she a receiving end a victim
This demon that I know is she

This demon that possesses me is she
That dethrones my rib and assumes her cage
That does not make my bed and hardly cooks my food
And raises legs when I sweep the floor
And I grin sheepishly for I enjoy her venums
That come encapsulated in her romance
And until scales fall off my eyes I journey nearer my grave
And when peace eludes me and pleasure and life
Like empty vessel I long back for my rib
Although cage is gone and its glories too
My rib gives her balance knowing
The demon that possessed me was she

If this demon that comes be she
Casting and binding should you not leave
For love and castle are built in years
But in seconds it shatters can be
Let not your waist guide you
For a man that can tame his girdles
Oh! A woman that can go on her knees
Shall not feel it when a serpent strikes
When the demon that comes is she