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Read Time:55 Second [Democracy]
In my country
Is a demo gone crazy
Like a drunk it is hazy
Staggering as if lazy

My country
Making its own dictionary
Redefining Democracy
Giving all authority
To those with chieftaincy

But this is just poetry
Against such authority
Seems just petty
But all I can do is not become party,
To such atrocity

They are the leaders clearly
But know that we are not in slavery
We are of this country
So polish her beauty
Fight for equality

There will come many
Giving fake prophecy
Many will be misled, sadly
But though we fare badly
The end will arrive early

I am sad to see my family
Lose their morality
In this corrupt country
Where some are so wealthy
They buy demo leaving the cracy

The joke is Democracy
The comedians are leaders of the society
The audience is people of the country
The stage is our country

Written by: Obinna Omotayo Jones
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson