DEATH IS BEAUTIFUL by Ijalusi Oluwatola Samuel

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O Death, I salute you
the pliable merciful herald
who ushers one out and in,
transiting between life and death.

Seen as the end
but negate
breaking bodies down
to become building blocks.

Aches and agonies are
prices being paid for life,
Death is learned as
it is the calm void.

Life slashes are interminable
on Death faces
inexorable at all cost,
Death is an illusion to life.

We are of the earth
it’s our birthright
so it’s our deathright,
back to earth where we belong.

I bethink the dead,
for the fear of Death
is the genesis of life’s drive
restituting the dispositions.

Hard truth is this, we
live to die, die to live
Death is constant
forward to life, forward to Death.

True in the prelude to tears
‘kerchief I will need you later
but the Dead need no tears,
they danced the dance of life.

Death is beautiful
no way evil, just a servant.
A mirror to life changing zilch
causing life to change – opening gateway.

DEATH IS BEAUTIFUL by Ijalusi Oluwatola Samuel

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