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Read Time:1 Minute, 30 Second [Death In His Pouch]
He came as promised… with death in his pouch
There is death in the land! Indeed death is here
At first the pinch in my chest was like child’s play
Thought it was a joke until the pain branched out
I fall. My legs could no longer carry me
Now I know there was war in my land…
The vertical is fell on the horizontal
But the horizontal refused to accommodate the vertical

I cried for help but nobody was on sight!
Soon people came running towards me
Thank God! Somebody heard my voice!
Families, friends and strangers too
Some held my hand telling me I’ll be okay
And I struggled to give them a reassuring smile
Knowing some things cannot get better
The man with death in his pouch is here

Alas! Oxygen could not get to my blood
Something was terribly wrong with my body system
I tried inhaling, but oxygen remained in my throat
Carbon dioxide and Oxygen in silent battle
While I gasped for ease…
Doctors tried their best but it was too late
My heart failed me, gradually
It felt heavy… even as my frame went dead

The nurse connected the oxygen mask
But the communal clash in my system rejected flow
Suddenly time and place changed, nothing more than a blur
There I was, cold and weak
Then, the man with death in his pouch looked at me
I drew one long breath
And there was peace, relief… and then darkness.’

Written by: Temitope Adedibu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson