DEAR GOD: Paul Word

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Dear God
we need to talk,
cause my heart is lone and long gone,
my conscience gone for a walk.

Within Your words i read that You’ll comfort me
but the pellucid comfort i get is sorrow,
was it a lie You told me??
Cause troubles surround me like an aimed arrow.

The best You said You have in store
if only i would wait,
but years unending i did wait
making me ponder if You’ve lost the keys to the store.

My plans in Your hands i did commit,
but to this day i see no yield result
was there a sin i commited??
One that you couldn’t forgive??

My friends all merrymaking at the haven of earth’s success
but i still rest at the feet of earth’s misery,
would You not to success grant me access?
or will this misery be my only priced treasury

Dear God
we need to talk.

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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