DEAR GIRL… DREAM! by Joshua Levites

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You cried at your birth
But they cried even louder.
You travelled through tough terrains
But you found no rest amongst brothers,
Father. Even mother.
You espied the gathering of souls
But you felt sole. Alone.
The look on thier faces moved more tears
Out from eyes.
That was before your brother came.
Before the promise came.
The smiles were for him
The frowns for you.

You grew,
Together with your dreams
Dreams strong enough to break your father’s heart.
You saw a future too big
For a girl child.
You were the reason mama cried too many times
She wanted you to learn your place. The kitchen. Your future. A wife.
That was before his pot belly led him to you,
But you rejected him
At the expense of your father’s rejection

Dear girl,
You should live, fearlessly
Even at the price of rejection.
You are too big for the kitchen,
Too mighty to be just a wife.

Travel that land nobody knows
But you.
A place out of reach of another soul’s might
Away from this world and its threats.
Travel that land nobody knows
But you.
A place, a dream only you can call your own.

Dear girl,
Live that dream too big for another, man.
For it is your right to dream.

So, dream.

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