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As a pauper you crept into our cities
And on you, many took pity
Sheltered you and gave you food
But now we all are taken to be fools

You told us you were only here on a visit
And we didn’t know that keeping you was a big risk
So you were given a little freedom
Only for you to tell us we lack wisdom

Since you were hopeless, penniless and jobless
Contracts and projects were given to you to keep us blameless
But now it seems you have all in abundance
Thereby becoming more and more arrogant

You now possess series of estates and flirt of exotic cars
Oh! Corruption, how come you have taken over our land?
In our nation, you seek power in high places
But sooner or later, you shall be blazing

Call it whatever you like, trickery or bravery
But we will not linger in this modern act of slavery
It is true that you have taken bold steps
But we shall continue to fight you with our best and won’t rest

I will surely emphasize and re-emphasize
That you corruption can never be legalized
Many have been infested with your deadly poison
I guess we must have learnt enough lessons

See what have become of our great nation
One wonders if she is beyond redemption
Where suffering have become an icon
We just hope that one day, the saviour will come

To ruin the country’s economy has been your primary motives
Thereby leaving the poor masses to weep
Oh corruption! I can’t wait to see you rotten behind bars
For I truly know you days are numbered.

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