COMEUPPANCE (by Osagie Fervency)

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‘Fear of cultists’ is the beginning of wisdom:
For there can be no gamble with life so fragile.
Schools of learning harbor these children of Edom:
Infamous brotherhood, dispatched from cruelty’s isle.

The gun is an extension of their libido
Spitting deadly slugs in repressive vigilance.
Every slight is met with atavistic credo~
A retaliatory bloodbath as comeuppance.

Theirs is the patience of a panther in ambuscade,
Gliding through the woods~ enshadowing a quarry.
In the thickets, time can draw out in a slow fade
Inching ill-fated victims to death’s sanctuary.

By and by the panther dies at the hunter’s sly hand
(Its grisly reign of terror sacked by providence)
And a merry quiet permeates wood and meadow-land
Oblivious of the cub staking out the wild, tense.

Author notes:

Written with juxtaposition of the wild and cultism in Nigerian academic institutions~ dog eat dog societies. The vicious struggle for supremacy where the weak are brutally murdered, loyalties are questioned and long-spanning vendettas open the floodgate of killings and reprisal killings- the violence is unending. Fear, terror and infamy are the hallmark of this type of world and the innocent may be picked out in the cross-hairs of an ensuing rivalry. What a world!!!

meet the poet: Osagie Fervency

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